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Earth Angel Mushrooms makes the best fruiting blocks in the country,

complimented by our reputation for helpful customer service. 


Our History

Earth Angel Mushrooms was founded by T.R. Davis in 2014. Since, 2014 Earth Angel Mushrooms has poured it’s blood, sweat, and tears into the art of cultivating specialty mushrooms. We have gone through many changes looking back to our humble beginnings starting in a single 6x12 room. In the beginning EAM grew exclusively oyster mushrooms. During the first couple of years fresh shiitake and king trumpets were added to the line up. It wasn’t long before growers started requesting to be supplied with our substrate. It was then that we started selling Ready-to-Fruit blocks. A substantial shift took place in 2019 when we stopped production of fresh mushrooms and geared the company toward substrate sales (Ready-to-Fruit Block and Spawn). We didn’t want to stop growing fresh mushrooms so we set a goal of entering the market of fresh Maitake sales. This wasn’t a small undertaking based on the fact that Maitake are difficult to grow. In 2020 we began our push to become not only a substrate supplier but also a Maitake mushroom farm. As 2020 progressed and into 2021 we walked the gauntlet of learning to grow Maitake. Today, we feel comfortable in saying “we grow Maitake.” Not only that, we feel we grow some of the best Maitake in the country. At the present time, Earth Angel is a commercial supplier of mushroom substrate and a fresh Maitake farm.

    Earth Angel Mushrooms has a passion for all things fungi! We have and continue to strive to innovate and better the mushroom industry. Our goal is to contribute to making the North American mushroom industry better, in the hopes of making continual progress to compete in the world market.

Stay motivated! Keep Growing Mushrooms!

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