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Blocks for Growers

We offer bulk pricing for block customers who are growing commercially or who want to buy multiple pallets at a time. Due to capacity we currently have a Waiting List. If you would like to be added, please fill out the form. 

Ready to Fruit Block Rates:

Shiitake, Black Pearl, Lion's Mane, and Chestnut

50-100:     $10.50/Block
101-200:   $9.00/Block
201+:        $8.50/Block

Blue/Grey Oyster Mushroom

50-100:     $10.00/Block

101-200:   $8.75/Block    

201+:        $8.50/Block

Coming soon:

Brown, Elm, and Gold Oysters

Add $0.50/Block

Blocks are approximately 10 lbs and come ready to fruit mushrooms. Prices are based on total quantity (minimum order 50) of the order and do not include the cost of shipping. A single pallet holds 200 blocks. When making your Ready-to-Fruit Block orders keep in mind quantities are in multiples of 5. Be sure and read the block information/disclaimer prior to placing an order. You are welcome to use your own designated freight service, mind you we will NOT ship with an unrefrigerated freight service. Email us anytime for a shipping quote! 

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