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Fresh Mushrooms 

For a Limited Time ONLY, Lion's Mane!!!

Due to demand and availability we are currently taking requests. If you would like to be added to our Waiting List for Fresh Mushrooms. Please fill in the Request form.  

Maitake Pricing as follows (minimum order 10 lbs): 

$20.00 /lb. for orders 10-20 lbs

$12.00 /lb. for orders 21-50 lbs

$10.50 /lb. for orders 51-100 lbs

$10.00 /lb. for orders over 101 lbs

*Lead times may vary depending on availability.


Pick ups are at the farm in Pacific, MO Mon-Fri 8-3 pm CST.  

We offer Air Cargo shipping through Southwest Air Cargo service.

Fresh Lion's Mane 

Prices are as follows:

$8.50/lb. for orders 10-100 lbs.

$7.00/lb. for orders 101+ lbs.

*Limited availability.

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