Consisting of 5 spawn bags. 3 Black Pearl and 2 Chestnut (PA)

Lead time: Please allow for a 3 week colonization/ incubation time before shipping.

"I've Got Time" are 2 species that require some patience. 

  • Black Pearl (Pleurotus ostreatus hybrid) a beautiful oyster producing a dense black pin set that expands out into a thick stem similar to King trumpet. To complement this beauty is our Chestnut.
  • Chestnut (Pholiota adiposa) has a unique nutty flavor and a cap that is unmistakable. As the bulk substrate colonizes you may notice an orange hue which is characteristic of this species.

"I've GotTime" species take more time, typically colonizes bulk substrate in 3 weeks for Black Pearl and 4-5 weeks for Chestnut (given proper environmental conditions).

Note: Colonization/ Incubation times based on Earth Angel Mushrooms fruiting block production times and substrate. Colonization/ incubation conditions set a t 65-70 degrees F (18-21 degrees Celsius).

Each 6 lb. spawn bag can be used to inoculate up to 30- 10 lb. bulk substrate bags. Not going to use all these bags in a week? Don't worry, just refrigerate unopen bags to use at a later date. Once received, we recommend using spawn bags within a month for best results.


Looking for another preset package to suit your needs? Try one of these:

  • "Early Risers" 3 Blue oyster (MS 43) and 2 Lion's mane (POW)

  • "Get 5, of 1 species" Take your pick:

    • Blue oyster (MS 43),

    • Lion's mane (POW),

    • Black Pearl,

    • Chestnut (PA),

    • Maitake (9827), or

    • Shiitake (3790). 

  • Custom 5 pack. Choose any mix of 5 spawn bags to suite your needs. Pick from: 
    • Blue oyster (MS 43),

    • Lion's mane (POW),

    • Black Pearl,

    • Chestnut (PA),

    • Maitake (9827), or

    • Shiitake (3790).


A 5 pack not enough? Try "The Big 4" a representation of a large portion of what small scale commercial mushroom growers sell on a weekly basis."The Big 4" comes with:  

3- Blue oyster (MS 43),

2- Lion's mane (POW),

3- Black Pearl,

2- Chestnut (PA) 


All spawn is in 6 lb bags that are composed of hydrated millet, inoculated with specified species. 


Shipping is not included in the box price.



*With Cold Packaging is an additional $25. Insulated and packaged to keep spawn cool during the warmer months. This is Mandatory April-November and at Earth Angel Mushrooms' discretion. 

*Without Cold Packaging may only be available November-March or at Earth Angel Mushrooms' discretion. NO cold packaging.


More varieties/ species coming soon!

Gold Oyster (PC) - Pleurotus citrinopileatus available for bulk orders only.

"I've Got Time" Spawn 5 Pack

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Insulated Packaging Required April-Nov.
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