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Prices are in quantities of 5 Ready-to-Fruit Blocks of a single species.

All Ready-to-Fruit Blocks are composed of 10 lbs of local Missouri sawdust and agriculture byproducts. Blocks are then sterilized, cooled, and inoculated in our lab with specified species of spawn. Sealed and stacked they are sent off to our colonization/ incubation room at one of our two locations in Missouri, to let their mycelium run. Once ready they are packaged for delivery to your farm or co-op.

Minimum order of 50 Ready-to-Fruit Blocks Required

Lead times: Understand we are growing Ready-to-Fruit Blocks to order. Each species has a varying degree of colonization/incubation times between 3-11 weeks depending on species. 

Bulk pricing applies to orders over 50 blocks, with a pallet holding up to 200 blocks. For multiple standing orders or to get a freight quote, please email us at 

Shipping is NOT included in the Ready-to-Fruit Block price.

Local pick ups are available at the Pacific, MO location on Thursdays before 5 pm CST.

Available species may vary due to high demand. Currently available:

  • Blue Oyster MS43,
  • Lion's Mane POW,
  • Black Pearl,
  • Chestnut, and
  • Shiitake 3790 (minimum 8 week colonization time)


Coming soon:


King Kong,

Brown Oyster,

Elm Oyster, and

Gold Oyster


  • Blue Oyster (Pleurotus Ostreatus) MS43: An aggressive blue oyster, with a massive first flush that does not disappoint.  Pin sets start out dark gray. As the mushrooms develop they may turn light blue/gray to brown (depending on environment). Colonization/ incubation time required is a minimum of 2 weeks.


  • Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) POW: Lion’s mane, Pom Pom, and the bearded hedgehog are just some of the common names associated with this versatile mushroom. The mycelium growth for this fungus tooth mushroom is wispy and faint. These mushrooms do not like to stay wet (which can cause discoloration and soggy mushrooms, although they are still edible). A flavor and texture that has been compared to crab meat (you decide). The many uses: fresh, dried, or in a tincture make it a must for any mushroom cultivator. A minimum 2 week lead time is required.


  • Black Pearl (Pleurotus ostreatus hybrid): When you first see this beautiful oyster hybrid you will notice the mycelium start to develop a black dense pin set that expands out into a thick stem similar to King trumpet. Black Pearl has a 3 week colonization/ incubation time.  


  • Chestnut (Pholiota adiposa): The pin sets of the Chestnut are speckled with an orange to brown color. A definite eye catcher at any market. Chestnuts have a unique nutty flavor and crunch; that is a great addition to any stew or sauce. Chestnuts have a colonization/incubation time of 4 weeks.


  • Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) 3790: One of the most widely cultivated shiitake strains. Shiitake strains colonizes bulk substrate in 8 weeks. 


Note: Colonization times given DO NOT include the additional 2 weeks needed for spawn.  Lead times may be extended at anytime.

Ready-to-Fruit Specialty Blocks- 5 pack

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  • Freight/ Shipping is not included in the block price.

    We do not take responsibility for fruiting blocks shipped in non refrigerated transport during any time. For this reason we only ship refrigerated transport. Customers take all risk once fruiting blocks leave Earth Angel Mushrooms for delivery. To provide a guarantee, Earth Angel Mushrooms require a mandatory refrigerated transport to ensure the health and vigor of the fruiting blocks. We guarantee all blocks to be fully viable upon shipping. If you would like to arrange your own shipping, please feel free.

    While Earth Angel Mushrooms guarantees that we will make all reasonable efforts to package fruiting blocks to prevent damage during shipping. We DO NOT take responsibility for packages damaged by the shipper enroute to the customer. We will not refund or replace blocks that are damaged due to circumstances out of our control. If fruiting blocks are damaged to the point of unusable due to negligent handling during shipping, please file a claim with the shipper. Freight must be inspected at time of delivery.  

    Note: Some shippers require damages to be reported immediately on the BOL (before signing), for a claim to be filed.


    All shipments must be inspected within 24 hours upon receipt. If there is an issue/ flaw, take photos and report them within 24 hour to  

  • Fruiting Blocks….If not sent directly to the fruiting room they can be stored in a cooler. It is recommended to keep them refrigerated in a cooler at a temperature range of 33-41F (1-5C).

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