Consiting of 10 Spawn bags

"The Big 4"  represent a large portion of what small scale commercial mushroom growers sell on a weekly basis.

"The Big 4" comes with:  

3- Blue oyster (MS 43)

2- Lion's mane (POW)

3- Black Pearl

2- Chestnut (PA) 

Lead time: Please allow for a 3 week colonization/ incubation time before shipping. 

  • Blue Oyster - Pleurotus Ostreatus - MS43- An aggressive blue oyster typically colonizes bulk substrate in 10-12 days before pin set. Pin sets start out dark gray. As the mushrooms develop they may turn light blue/gray to brown (depending on environment). With a massive first flush MS43 does not disappoint. 
  • Lion’s Mane - Hericium erinaceus - strain POW- Sometimes called Pom Pom, and the bearded hedgehog as these are just some of the names associated with this versatile mushroom. The mycelium growth for this fungus tooth mushroom is wispy and faint. Then before you know it you will see clusters of primordial growth. A flavor and texture that has been compared to crab meat (you decide). The many uses (fresh, dried, or in a tincture) make it a must for any mushroom cultivator. Typically colonizes bulk substrate in 10-12 days (given proper environmental conditions).
  • Black Pearl - Pleurotus ostreatus hybrid- When you first see this beautiful oyster hybrid you will notice the mycelium start to develop a black dense pin set that expands out into a thick stem similar to King trumpet. Another similarity to King trumpet, the Black Pearl has a 3 week colonization time on bulk substrate. Grow Black Pearl as part of one of our custom Packs. 
  • Chestnut - Pholiota adiposa has a unique nutty flavor and a cap that is unmistakable. When fruiting be sure to pick them early as they like to drop a lot of spores. Not a fast colonizer, this species takes its time in the colonization/ incubation room. Typically colonizing bulk substrate in 4-5 weeks (given proper environmental conditions).

Note: Colonization/ Incubation times based on Earth Angel Mushrooms fruiting block production times and substrate.

Each 6 lb. spawn bag can be used to inoculate up to 30- 10 lb. bulk substrate bags. Not going to use all these bags in a week? Don't worry, just refrigerate unopen bags to use at a later date. Once received, we recommend using spawn bags within a month for best results.


Looking for a smaller package to suit your needs? Try one of these:

  • "Early Risers" 3 Blue oyster (MS 43) and 2 Lion's mane (POW)
  • "I've Got TIme" 3 Black Pearl and 2 Chestnut (PA)
  • "Get 5, of 1 Species" choose from:
    • Blue oyster (MS 43),
    • Lion's mane (POW),
    • Black Pearl,
    • Chestnut (PA),
    • Maitake (9827), or
    • Shiitake (3790). 
  • Custom 5 pack. Choose any mix of 5 spawn bags. Pick from: 
    • Blue oyster (MS 43),
    • Lion's mane (POW),
    • Black Pearl,
    • Chestnut (PA),
    • Maitake (9827), or
    • Shiitake (3790).


All spawn is in 6 lb bags that are composed of hydrated millet, inoculated with specified species.

Shipping is not included in the box price.


*With Cold Packaging is an additional $25. Insulated and packaged to keep spawn cool during the warmer months. This is Mandatory April-November and at Earth Angel Mushrooms' discretion. 

*Without Cold Packaging may only be available November-March or at Earth Angel Mushrooms' discretion. NO cold packaging.


More varieties/ species coming soon!

Gold Oyster (PC) - Pleurotus citrinopileatus available for bulk orders only.

"The Big Four" Spawn 10 Pack

$220.00 Regular Price